Book, Review

World War Z

Pages: 341
Read: May 2016

I finished it!! I started World War Z back in February, I think just after Wild. It was another one I wanted to tick off my ‘books to read before watching the film’ list. I just really struggled to get into it and less than 100 pages in I started to pick up other things.

Its a zombie book, but its a real life (if that makes sense) zombie book. The format is different to pretty much anything I’ve ever read, the author is recording the re-tellings of events from numerous viewpoints from people across the world, interviewing survivors and key players during world war Z.  If you don’t want to know any specifics I would stop reading here.  I don’t think the plot of the can be ‘spoilt’ as the enjoyment is in the descriptions and the small individual stories and details; but like I said stop reading now if you’re avoiding specifics.

Its difficult to summarise the plot, since its a fictional non-fiction book.  A disease has started to spread throughout the world, it was that long ago that I started the book that I can’t actually remember where the ‘first’ case was found.  The disease transformed the affected into what is essentially a zombie, the only way these zombies can be killed is by having their brain destroyed and anyone who is bitten by one of these zombies in turn becomes a zombie – fairly standard zombie apocalypse storyline.

As the book is made up of multiple re-tellings it changes perspective and location a lot; none of the re-tellings are very long which on one hand means if you’re finding a particular story uninteresting its probably going to be over soon but for me I found that it just meant I couldn’t get into the story properly.  This improved about half way through when I reached the section of the book set solely in America, I felt like the stories got slightly longer and there were actually a few that I was actually disappointed about ending.

The film is still to be watched, hopefully quite soon, and I’m hoping its slightly more action packed than the book.  I gave this 2/5 starts on goodreads as it did picked up in the second half but defiantly a book I kept reading for the sake of finishing it and not because I was enjoying it.  That being said its quite far from the sort of genre and writing I would normally turn to so I’m probably not the best person to ask about it – yes its comfy up here on the fence 🙂

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