Book, Review

Not that Kind of Girl ~ Lena Dunham

Pages: 288
Read: May 2016

Another kindle 99p buy from I’m not quite sure when and the last book I read while still on my buying ban – it felt proper to end the ban by reading a book which again represents my reasons for doing one. I read this over a weekend away, mostly sat in the passenger seat in an m25 traffic jam.

I don’t actually know who Lena Dunham is so in hindsight this was a bit of an odd book for me to have purchased to start with.

I started this with such high hopes, the first couple of chapters were laugh out loud funny. It was really relateable, it was honest, tongue in cheek. It covered quite seriously topics without being too heavy and it did it really well.

The book is basically Lena’s life story, not a lot of held back and she’s incredibly honest about a lot of things.  I can’t really do a spoiler free summary, its Lena’s life so essentially life things happen, its a retelling of her relationships with men, sex, food, herself, her parents, her career and a few more things in between.

Just after half way through I lost all steam, it wasn’t bad I just wasn’t finding it as funny as I had been and I’m not sure why.  I kept going, hoping it was just the chapter and I would go back to loving it, unfortunately that didn’t happen and for me the book ended with a section I wasn’t as keen on and I think this may have dampened my thoughts on the book as a whole.

In hindsight I can’t make my mind up about this; like I said the different sections were quite hit and miss with me.  I gave this a 2/3 out of 5 stars on goodreads, I’m not sure I’d recommend this to anyone who doesn’t know who Lena Dunham is; if its a tongue in cheek, slightly feminist book you’re after I think that personally I’m more likely to turn to Caitlan Moran.

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