Book, Review

No-one Has Sex on a Tuesday ~ Tracey Bloom

Read: April 2016
Pages: 352

I remember buying this, I don’t remember when but it was a complete title buy while it was reduced to 99p for kindle. Another prime example of the reason behind my book buying ban. Quite a quick read I got through this during a quiet weekend.

Spoiler free summary time, following a traumatic breakup with her high school boyfriend Matthew,  Katy Chapman has pretty much sworn off romance and chooses to put her energy into her careerwhile her friends are pairing off and getting married.  She met current boyfriend Ben on a school disco themed night out with her gym friends and since the two have been seeing each other in a non-serious kind of way.

Just before Christmas Katy attends her school reunion and with Ben away on a stag do she ends up spending the night with Matthew and finally getting closure for his ill-doings nearly 20 years ago. Matthew goes back to his London job and is out of Katys mind until not long into the new year when she discovers she’s preganant.

The plot follows Katy as she deals with her baby’s two potencial fathers and weighing up her indepedant woman status with her sudden need for support from her boyfriend.

Its chick-lit, it made me laugh out loud a few times. This was a great light hearted read – ideal poolside or holiday material which was exactly what I wanted having just finished the rather more heavy plot of The Reverant, unfortunatly I was neither on holiday or by a pool.

I gave this 3/5 stars, I didn’t dislike it but its not something I can see myself specifically recommending to anyone that’s not holiday shopping.

I already own the sequel ‘No-one ever has sex in the suburbs’ (no I’m not proud of my. 99p click happy behaviour) so I will endevour to read that one soon, I don’t have massively high hopes but hopefully it’ll make for another quick light hearted read at somepoint.

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