Book, Review

The Revenant ~ Michael Punke

Pages: 292
Read: April 2016

Hands up, I’m a cliche. This jumped to the top of my ‘watch before I see the film’ list when Leo won that Oscar and with the DVD out in June I really wanted to read it first.

Spolier free summary time, Henry Glass is working for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company and not long into their trip he is attacked and subsequently mauled by a Grizzly bear. The wounds seem fatal but Glass hangs in there, initially his comrades carry him on a make shift stretcher but its slowing them down and they have to reach their first milestone before winter hits so two men are left behind to ensure that when Glass passes away he’s properly and respectfully buried.

Seeing no way that Glass could survive his wounds after a few days then men abandon him to catch up with the group, taking his gun, knife and anything else useful with them, they push ahead and tell the rest of the group they’ve buried him properly. Its this act which seemingly give Glass the detirmination to push forward to track down his abadonners and get his revenge.

The book which is apparently based on true events follows his survivial story, I’ve not done any research into how factual it is but accurate or not it makes for a shockingly addictive story.

I didn’t expect to get so engrossed in this, its not a subject I have much interest in and without the hype around the film would of never picked it up. The chapters are dated so the plot moves at a steady pace which helped to keep my attention.

It was the description of Glass’ injuries that got me, it was a horror I couldn’t look away from. The description was really precise but a the same time it was really difficult to imagine those wounds in a way that would allow someone to survive.

I gave this 5/5 stars on goodreads and can’t wait to see the film now, I’m just hoping its not too far stretched from the book!

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