Book, Review

The Rosie Project ~ Graeme Simsion

Pages: 368
Read: April 2016

I’ve had this on my kindle pretty much since it came out back in 2014 after it was recommended by a friend and it’s sat there forgotten for quite a while, books like this are the reason for my buying ban. I started it just before a plane journey and after an inital 20mins of unsure-ness I was quite annoyed when we landed and I had to stop reading.

Spoiler free summary time, Don Tillman is a university genetics lecturer/researcher with unconfirmed/admitted aspergers. His life is a perfectly timed schedule designed for maximum effciency and currently alongside his academic work he’s working on ‘the wife project’.

His lifestyle and previous dating experience has left him with quite specific criteria for the woman he plans to marry so he begins by constructing a multiple choice questionnaire for prospective candidates to complete. When there are a lack of successful candidates he hands control of the questionnaires to his friend and colleague Gene who arranges a blind date for him. Enter Rosie.

The novel follows Don as Rosie being chaos to his ordered world, his quickly abandons the wife project for the father project, a quest to discover Rosie’s biological father from an old graduation photo and the vague explanation from Rosie’s late mother.

Ok, so you probably don’t need to have read the book to know what’s going to happen but it was the way the plot got there that kept me hooked. Its your basic mismatched on the surface love story plot and it was this which made me initially unsure but once I realised there was going to be more to it than that I can completely understand why this was recommended to me. Its less of a love story and more a story of how people get so caught up in their own routines that we don’t always make it easy for other people to be a part of them even if we want them to be. I’ve also not read many books set in Australia so that was refreshing.

I have this 4/5 stars on goodreads and will be picking up the sequel when I have chance.

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