Book, Review

The Shade of the Moon

Pages: 288
Read: March 2016

Panic not, my book buying ban remains intact, I borrowed this from the library which has turned out to be a massive benefit from my recent housemove.

As this is a sequel the following post will contain spoilers to this book and its prequels.

Set two years after the third installment,  ‘The Shade of the Moon’ is the final (so far) chapter of the Last Survivors series. Perspective moves from Miranda to her brother Jon who is now living in one of the previously mentioned safecamps, now known as enclaves. Physically the world has changed very little, earthquakes are still commonplace and the air quality is extremly poor however society has developed a drastic class system where everyone is either a claver, living in the safey of the enclave or a grub. Grubs work for the clavers doing everything from growing food to being servants living in small villages outside the enclaves. Clavers believe this is their right, a reward for being more important to society.

The plot was crazy, so much happened, so many main character deaths and from really far fetched dramatic ways which were then handled in a very ‘meh’ way by all the characters. Events moved quite quickly which left little room for character development which was disappointing given the potential of new characters like Jon’s insta-love Sarah and characters we’ve seen little of like Lisa and Gabe.

I’m really glad I was able to borrow this as it minimised my disappointment somewhat as I didn’t have to buy it. I didn’t have high hopes after not being particularly wowed by book three. It’s been left open enough for another instalment but I can’t see myself reading it if one was written.

Overall I really enjoyed the premise of this series and I would highly recommend book one but can’t say I’d urge anyone to read past that.

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