Book, Review

The World We Live In ~ Susan Pfeffer

Pages: 232
Read: March 2016

The third and the shortest (so far) installment of Susan Pfeffer’s ‘The Last Survivors’ series and, sorry to say, my least favourite so far. I picked this up a day after finishing book two and was done about three days later.

As this is a sequel the following review will contain spoilers to all three of the Last Survivors novels.

We’re back in Miranda’s diary, just shy of the one year anniversary of the asteroid hitting the moon and 1-2 months after book one ended.  Miranda’s family are continuing to live in one room, surviving week to week on the weekly food handouts which saved their lives at end of the first novel.  Things are kind of trudging along, the family have adapted to their new life so are just trying to make the most of things and get through to the next food delivery. This is where I think this instalment was lacking, the previous two have been quite fast paced whereas now things have settled now it was very much a slower paced book and nothing dramatic really happened until the final few pages and the tornado.  Even then, after spending so much time fighting to keep her family together and at home Miranda’s mother seemed to very quickly just give into the idea of leaving.

Alex and Julie turn up around half way through the book but both characters, Alex’s in particular seemed very changed.  Ok, they’ve just gone on a rather extreme across country journey of survival but for the way the book went Alex could of been any teenage boy and Miranda would of fallen in love in the exact same way.  I was waiting for Alex to pour his heart out and tell everyone why it was so important to follow his brother’s instructions to get Julie to safety, essentially to tell everyone about Bri but that never came.  He just seemed very stubborn and a bit selfish.

I was also hoping for more information about where Alex and Julie have been, where did they go when they left New York, when did they meet with Carlos and what are the marines doing but those gaps weren’t filled in.

I gave this three stars of good, I really like Miranda’s character so I enjoyed being back in the world from her point of view but this didn’t seem to have the pace or the drama the previous instalments have so I think its fair to say I was slightly disappointed.  I do plan on finishing the series but that’s more for completeness rather than this book inspiring me to continue but due to my self inflicted book buying ban that purchase is going to need to wait until May unless I can find a copy in my library.


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