Book buying ban.

I have a book buying problem.

They say the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting it.  Well, here goes. Since I first stepped into the world of booktube about 6 months ago my book buying has rocketed.  Every review or TBR I watch results in my own TBR getting longer and quite a few impulse purchases.

So when my latest order of two books (Moranifesto and The World We Live in) arrived this morning I decided that enough was enough.  I’ve set myself a 60 day ban.  This takes me up until Sunday 1st May and its an all inclusive digital and physical copies, fictions and non-fiction, work related or not.

I read mostly on a kindle, and there are so many constantly rotating offers; the daily deal, kindle first, monthly deals. There are too many 99p books that are just too tempting for me to resist.  This means my kindle library contains books that I will probably never read because I’ll never click on them amongst the plethora of other unread stories.

This won’t affect my review writing and I won’t stop watching booktube, I imagine my TBR will grow quite a lot and I’m going to be doing my best not to check Amazon for offers.

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