Book, Review

Landline ~ Rainbow Rowell

Pages: 319
Read: February 2016

Not an author I’d heard of before I downloaded this to my kindle after hearing Sam’s YouTube review, it just intrigued me.  I read this on the train to/from London one weekend (about 5 hours for those wanting specifics).

Spoiler free summary time, Georgie is a comedy sitcom writer, married to Neal with young two kids.  They met at college, married at 22 and have since fallen into the inevitable routine of married life.  At the start of the book Georgie and writing partner Seth’s big writing break arrives, a handful of days before Christmas.  Neal takes their two children to visit his mother in Omaha as planned and Georgie makes the choice to stay at home in LA to work on her show with long time best friend Seth.  Not able to face staying in her marital home alone she goes back to her mother’s and her childhood bedroom, an unreliable mobile phone battery leads Georgie to find out her old yellow landline phone to  call her husband.

Reaching Neal on the landline Georgie starts to realise that while the man on the phone is Neal its a version of him from 20 years ago. She spends the week battling with trying to rationlise her magic time travelling phone, her potentially unraveling marriage, her younger sister’s lovelife, her anxious colleagues, her concerned best friend and her mother’s heavily pregnant award winning dog.

It was almost a non-romantic romance. The plot is based around Georgie’s relationship so yes its about romance but not over the top, over fluffy romanticised romance; both the characters and their relationship have flaws making the whole thing really relatable.

I really liked the flashbacks to how Neal and Georgie met and how you gradually found out about how their relationship began and developed through them. Most of the character development comes via the flashbacks, Neal’s character in particular I felt seemed  a bit 2D during the first couple of chapters and I was struggling to find reasons to root for the relationship but that completely flipped, during one flashback which to me just summed up Neal’s character.

The ending nearly had me in tears on a crowded train, it was an endings that I hadn’t seen coming but also made complete sense.

I gave this 5/5 on goodreads and have already got my next Rainbow Rowell novel ready to go.

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