Book, Review

Will Grayson, Will Grayson ~ John Green/David Leuithan

Pages: 308
Read: Jan/Feb 2016

This has been sat on my bookshelf for about 3 years, it was purchased in a post FIOS need to get my hands on more things written by John Green.  It was an easy going read with fairly short chapters, perfect for a couple of weeks where I went from ridiculously busy to feeling quite ill and sorry for myself.  The plot’s not overly complex so an easy one to pick up for a short amount of time but also easy to get re-engrossed in.  It was a fun read, but I finished it just over a week ago and I’m already struggling to remember what really happened.

Spoiler free summary, Will Grayson is trying his best to get through life keeping to a set of rules he’s designed to carry him through life without getting noticed despite the efforts of his larger than life gay best friend Tiny Cooper elsewhere in Illinois another Will Grayson is also doing his best to lie low, confiding only in his online friend Isaac.  The two meet one night in Chicago and the second Will Grayson is introduced to Tiny.  From there on in it’s more of a journey of character self-discovery for both Will Graysons played out alongside the writing, casting and production of a musical written by Tiny.

The narration of the book is split pretty evenly between the two Will Graysons, I believe each point of view was written by one of the different authors.  I can’t remember a joint author book I’ve read before so might have been a first for me.

It wasn’t the emotional rollercoaster that I wanted from a John Green book following FIOS but it made no claim to be so I can’t hold that against it. Next on my John Green to watch list is Papertowns, I’m just hoping it doesn’t take me three years to get around to it!  Overall I gave this a goodreads score of 3 stars.

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