Mini Netflix Reviews – July 2014

The idea behind this is simple, short summaries/reviews of the random things I stumble across on Netflix.
The Pill
It’s a truly magical modern love story. Boy meets girl; boy goes back to girls apartment; boy assumes girl is on the pill; boy finds out he was wrong about girl being on the pill; boy panics.  Ok, so maybe it’s not quite that magical…
After convincing Mindy to take the morning after pill Fred blows her off using ever classy “I’ll call you” method; then he’s told Anna needs to take the second part dose of medication 12 hours later and is forced to spent the day with her to make sure she takes it.  Obviously the rest of the day is stupidly cheesy and entirely predictable but surely that’s the point of romantic comedies!
Weirdly I enjoyed this, not one I’ll re-watch or one I’ll probably even remember in twelve months’ time but if you’re after a light hearted, slightly different rom-com with an hour and a half to spare I’d recommend it.
The Words
The words a film about the story of a book being told within another book. My head hurts trying to find a good way to word how intertwined the books are.
Reading the little summary Netflix gives you I was expecting something similar to Limitless, maybe just because it’s the same actor, I’m not sure.  Struggling writer comes across an extremely easy but not entirely ethical way to achieve him dreams but once he’s there he has to deal with the consequences and baggage associated with how he got there – actually that is a very similar plot to Limitless!  Bradley Cooper really has had a lot of practise at that troubled pensive look.
Honestly – it’s not great and I’m struggling to put it into a genre. Defiantly not a comedy, there’s no action or adventure.  It’s just a film about a book and I suppose lightly about morality..?
It did teach me one thing though; how to get rid of brain freeze – how had I never know that until now!
The Giant Mechanical Man
Honestly, I have no idea what even happened in this film; a 30-something year old woman breaks up with her boyfriend and moves into her sister while she tries to work out what to do with her life.  Out of ideas she takes a job at a concession stand at a zoo where she meets Tim, who is of course wonderful.  Ok, so maybe I paid some attention.

I want to call this a rom-com but it wasn’t laugh out loud funny; by no means a bad film but not much happened and when she started working at the zoo I was hoping there’d be animals.  The title is extremely random and if the street artists similar to the ones you get a lot around Covent Garden in London freak you out I’d advise you stay away from this one.

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