Film, James Bond, Review


Sunday 30th March

So the last film was a misplaced submarine, well the clumsy theme continues as Moonraker explores the fate of a lost rocket, stolen whilst attached to the back of a British aircraft.
Starting off as we so often do James is one moment in the arms of a yound stewardess, the next she has a gun to his head – one has to admire Bond’s faith in humanity, a lesser man would have written off women by now considering how many either try to kill him or get killed following their encounters.
James travels to California to stay with Frenchman Dr Drax in an attempt to apologise for the misplacement of his rocket. Here Bond meets NASA trained Dr Holly Goodhead and avoids getting killed in a flight simulator using a tranquiliser dart. After seducing Drax’s PA in exchange for information Bond makes a swift escape to Italy; chasing down his new lead and coincidently, Dr Goodhead.
Though it would seem Bond’s enemies have also chased him to Venice, thankfully he has with him a turbo powered chitty chitty bang bang version of a gondola to outrun them in. A bit more detective work leads James to a secret lab where he manages to hijack a vial of clear liquid which as demonstrated shortly after has the ability to kill humans in less than a minute if inhaled. In a very sensible move James leaves the highly sensitive glass vial in his pocket while he has a quick fight with a ninja in a museum.
Further jetsetting sees Bond head over to Rio on ‘holiday’ but it seems when James goes on holiday the British secret service offices relocate with him and it’s not long before M and Q are sending him into the middle of the Brazilian jungle, where he discovers Drax’s secret space pad.
Jaws is back, he really is seemingly indestructible – though he does find himself a little girlfriend in this film, which is quite the heart-warming little subplot.
Drax is a pretty interesting villain, with a pretty eerie goal – to grow a new handpicked human super race in space whilst destroying all human life left on earth using a flower. Then return to Earth, assumedly head of the new super-race.   All this talk of perfection seems to get to Jaws, he’s not perfect but now he has his new girlfriend he has no desire to be eliminated and in a rather odd twist he actually teams up with Bond and Goodhead helping them send Drax on a little spacewalk.

If I’m honest, I’ve not been enjoying the Roger Moore films as much as the Sean Connery ones they’re overrun with clichés and cheesy lines which just make me cringe!

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